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  • New online sales platform for refurbished agricultural and construction machinery is launched by the creators of
  • com business concept aims to find a sustainable solution to a long-existing industry problem. is the new online business platform which brings to market manufacturer-refurbished machinery for the Agriculture, Construction and Plant sectors.

The new venture is a sister company to, which has, for three years, been the UK’s leading online aftermarket sales platform for machinery into the construction, plant, and agriculture industries.

“As PartsForMachines has grown and our relationship with our supplier brands has strengthened, one of the things we became increasingly aware of was the issue of how the manufacturers in our sectors deal with returned goods. They are almost inevitably subject to factory refurbishment but there is no real channel dedicated to reselling them, and online they often look unappealing next to new, perfect goods. What to do, therefore, about this?” explains and MD, Abhishek Tanwar. “So, we came up with the idea of a dedicated platform for refurbished machines and we called it…!”

The name obviously leaves a prospective purchaser in little doubt as to what the platform is there to do. The reasoning behind the concept becoming a reality, however, has many facets to it.

Abhishek Tanwar continues: “Firstly, it offers perfectly functioning machinery to those who need it and, at a price level not otherwise available. This might mean some people or businesses having access to machines they wouldn’t normally be able to afford – and they all come with full manufacturer’s warranty. And, let’s face it, in the sectors we serve, machines get dirty, quickly once you start using them. So, when you’ve used it for a short while, a machine is just a machine - whether brand new or refurbished.  

“Also, and very importantly from our perspective, we are helping create a circle economy and the fact that these machines are going to be used, rather than discarded, means a lower carbon footprint, and helps contribute to a more sustainable future.

“Finally, it means our supplier partners are free of what has been a perennial headache, and at this same time gives us a whole new and exciting business to develop, which we already have plans in place to enhance, once we are fully up and running.” is already a fully functional platform which currently has a selection of machines and accessories from leading brands in the industries they serve – the likes of Sealey, SIP and Draper.

The product offer includes tools, workshop equipment and accessories and it already boasts a wide selection. The power tools portfolio covers items such as compressors, wood and metalworking equipment, welding gear, pressure washers and drills, all the way through to wood splitters, lawnmowers, and heating & ventilation systems. Workshop gear includes storage, tools of all sorts, workbenches, generators, cables, stands, ramps and much, much more.

Behind all of this is the same ethos that has made a market leader for its customer experience: making products easy to find and easy to buy, at a great price and with five-star customer service.

The plan is that will also soon make servicing part of its offer and already up on the site are buying guides and product tips. There will soon also be a regular blog as part of the platform and other features aimed at making the platform THE place to come to for everything to do with Refurbished Machines.

For more information, imagery or to set up a one-to-one interview with key personnel, please contact Press Officer, Abhishek Tanwar: or telephone: +44 (0)7775923298 (mobile)



About is a new initiative for machines in the construction, agriculture, and industrial plant sectors - a digital e-commerce platform for buying manufacturer-refurbished machinery.

The business aims to help solve an industry issue of longstanding by giving returned product a new lease of life, therefore helping the environment an also offering quality product with a full warranty to customers who might not otherwise be able to afford it.

The customer experience is a key foundation of the business, as is the desire to help contribute to a more sustainable future for all.



Sister company, became the first comprehensive one-stop digital e-commerce platform for buying aftermarket products for machines in the construction, agriculture, and industrial sectors when it launched three years ago. Its aim is to revolutionise the customer experience for owners and operators of these machines and continuing 5* status on Trustpilot together with an ever-increasing satisfied customer base, and the resultant continued business growth, are proof of the validity of the concept behind

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