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Refurbished - Sealey Diesel Engine Timing Tool Kit - for Alfa Romeo, Ford, PSA, Suzuki, GM 1.3D 16v - Chain Drive

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  • Product Number:-VSE6191
    Suitable for a range of 1.3 16v common rail diesel engines used by a number of vehicle manufacturers. The chain drive connects the crankshaft to the exhaust camshaft which in turn is connected by gears to the inlet camshaft. This overhaul kit is designed to minimize the level of disassembly, so the cylinder head/camshafts can be removed without removing the front timing cover, sprockets and timing chain.
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  • Model NoVSE6191 Brand:Sealey Engine Codes: 1.3D 16v:199A3.000, 199B1.000, FHZ(F13DTE5), 169A1.000, 188A8.000, 169A5.000, 199A9.000, 188A9.000, 199B2.000, 199A2.000, 223A9.000, 199A3.000, 263A2.000, 169A1.000(FD4), 843A2.000, (FHZ)F13DTE5, D13A, Z13DT, Z13DTJ, A13DTC, A13DTE, A13DTR, Z13DTH, Z13DTR, Z13DTi Nett Weight:1.10kg OEM Tools: Alfa Romeo/Fiat/Lancia:1.871.00.900, 1.871.000.200, 1.871.008.600, 1.870.900.400 Citroen:104-A Ford:303-1472, 303-1475, 303-1469 Peugeot:198-J Suzuki:09917-68610, 09916-98610, 09912-38300, 09912-46310, 09917-68221 Vauxhall/Opel:EN-46781, EN-46785, KM-662-C, KM-955

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